Saturday, 17 March 2012

Thanks for cutting up my cross stitch son...

My gorgeous little boy has cut up my cross stitch! I had put about 40 hours work into it only for him to cut it up "because he didn't really like it" heart broken was an undertatement, he had to spend a little while on time out to figure out when he was going to be good and not destroy others peoples belongings.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

HI, Nothing much to report just been trying to have a spring clean and get rid of some old bits and bobs and freshen up some wardrobe space ready to get some new spring clothes.
I came across my photos and above is the finish I made of my mothers days card for my mum, it was a pattern I brought over in the states at the end of last year. I was only wishing I was still there! I could have been stuck by the ash! that would have been nice, a few extra days in the warm.
I'm just trying to finish up my spring swap and get it in the post for Gill, unfortuantely I missed my post man today so have to wait 48hours before I can collect my goodies from the post ofice - I just hate it when that happens!!!
Well better get of to the school to collect Adam.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Today I have been to the gorgeous Cragside for a look around the beautiful house and gardens and as usual it was absolutely breath taking, it must have been really fantastic when it was an actual house with maids and gardeners. The boys were able to run wild whilst I did a litle cross stitch, following there I nipped into Highley gate garden centre but I still think its a little early for my bedding plants, but the colours of all the plants were simply stunning. well must press on jude x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Well, I haven't wrote for quite some time but feel a bit inspired to do so after reading loads of blogs for ages. I have finally finished a cross stitch today which has taken me almost three years to complete off and on! phew, I'm really pleased because it has been at the bottom of my sewing basket for a long long time. I think i will give it to my Grandad as he is very special to me.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Well another day another dollar, still saving for my big trip to the states later in the year, managed a sneaky row on theripple blanket today though. Put a few bits on e-bay and half finished a cross stitch card witha little mouse, I'll have to let you knw how i'm getting on with that later. Harvested a little fresh beetroot from the garden and have this to boil in the morning.

Monday, 24 August 2009

First day, just like in the dream, today has been a hectic day with a traumatic visit into the city centre with the boys, who had very different shopping ideas than I did. Came home for lunch but luckily managed to slip in a quick couple of lines on my ripple blanket and a catch up on my usual blogs in the land of Blogville.